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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Cam!!

Last weekend, my baby boy turned two!! I am so blessed to have this sweet boy in my life. He is an absolute joy. We love him very much. For his birthday we decided to take the kids to the dinosaur museum in Lehi. We love going there because the kids have fun every time they go and we thought he would really enjoy it this time. He loved it! He kept pointing and growling at all the dinosaur skeletons and he loved digging for fossils at the end. After the museum we took everyone to mcdonalds and had cupcakes and icecream. I find it is so much easier to do a party at some place like this that has a playplace. The kids enjoy it more and you dont have a house to clean up after:) There are a few things that Cameron is obsessed with and they were all incorporated in his birthday: Trucks, Curious George, Wall-E, and spongebob. Cameron was a happy boy at the end of the day!!

A little tid bit about this picture: While Cameron was in this cave, Cody went in behind him in the dark and growled really loud....Cameron shot out of the cave soo fast! He was scared to death! It was hilarious!! He didnt want to go back in after that!
I think this part of the museum is the most fun for kids. They get to play in water and sand! How fun is that?

Cameron and Brendan digging for fossils. Cameron wasnt sure about the sand and his bare feet at first...he walked really slow.

This is the crew that went to the museum with us. Cameron loved having his cousins there to celebrate.

I thought this was so cute! Cameron and his big brother Jacob.

Wow Mom!! Scary! He loved growling at the dinosaurs.

One of his obsessions! Trucks!!

Another obsession! We had to have Wall-E!

Getting ready to blow out the candles!

Yummmmm!! Cakkkkeee!!


wangie77 said...

How fun, can't believe how fast time flies! Looks like you guys have had a fun summer.

Matt & April Herman said...

Aww..I am sad i missed it, He is so cute! I miss you guys already:(

~W E N D Y ~ said...

I've only been to the museum once but we loved it when we did go. Happy Birthday to Cameron!! I can't believe that he is two already -- remind me when he had his birthday?? Looks like you guys had lots of fun, we need to get in touch SOON!!!