The Rasmussen Family

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Miranda's Baptism

This past weekend, my sweet Miranda was baptized. We are so proud of her for making this decision and know that she will be blessed for it. It was such a beautiful baptism. Miranda and her cousin Malia decided that they wanted to be baptized together since they are so close in age. That made it fun and memorable for her as well. They sang a primary song together, "When I am baptized". I couldnt hold the tears back when I heard them sing. It was so precious and sweet to listen to their voices. It was wonderful to see all the friends and family who attended. Miranda is a special girl and is loved by all those who know her. We love you Miranda and hope you enjoyed your special day.

Miranda in her baptism dress

Miranda and cousin Malia waiting to get baptized

Miranda with her proud daddy

Miranda and her pretzal creation...check out the chocolate fountains...fancy!

proud parents!

Miranda with grandma and grandpa Stephenson

Miranda and grandma and grandpa Rasmussen


Dani Souza said...

Hi Amy and Cody! Thanks for sharing this moment! I'm sure you're both very proud of your little angel. She seemed to be so happy about her baptism. Next year it's my time to have my son being baptized and I'm looking forward for it.
Tell Miranda I've sent her a big Brazillian hug.
Wish you al the best.

Breeze said...

Beggar!! You should have told us, and we could have come to see her get baptized!! Looks like you had a great day, and congrats to Miranda!!

Matt & April Herman said...

Finally! It has taken you forever to update:) Anyway, those pics of Randa baby are so cute! I miss her being a baby. She was so snuggly. I can't believe she is 8 and baptised. I wish I could've been there:) Tell her, that I love her!

Stephanie said...

Amy, I don't know if you remember me, I'm Alesa Larsen's sister. I knwo this seems random, but a little while ago I saw a comment you made to Annette about your 3rd (I think that was the #) baby being an "angel baby". We just lost a baby and I wondered if you would share your experience with me. E-mail me if you would be willing to. Thanks!