The Rasmussen Family

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Update on us!

Sorry I have been MIA for a while but we have been very busy! As of now our house is for sale and we have spent the last month getting it ready. Crazy!!!! especially with 5 kids running around. So wish us luck with this next move! We are looking to move to Utah county if everything goes as planned.
I wanted to post these pictures from Cody's work party we had last month. I thought they were soo cute!! We went to Pineview Reservoir and BBQed and waterskiied and had a wonderful time. Hey Mel...I am pretty sure we were there the same day that Carl did is triathlon. While we were on the boat, Cody's boss took us out to the middle of the water and we saw a bunch of swimmers and bikes on the shore. He said they were doing a triathlon. Small world huh? Anyways, enjoy the pics!
The kids had soo much fun riding on the boat. This is my favorite pic!!

Isn't this picture great! All the kids felt like they were flying when we were going fast on the boat! Check out Alyssa!!

The kids couldn't wait to get moving. It was so fun!

Jacob waving to the camera!

The kids an us walking on the beach after the boat ride

Family picture minus Brendan. I have no idea where he was...haha.

Fun visit!

A few weeks ago my little brother Golden and his wife Carly came out for a visit with their new baby boy Porter. We had a family party while they were there at my parents house in Logan. It was soo much fun! All the family was their and we laughed about old times and just enjoyed each others company. Porter is a doll Golden! Thanks for sharing him with us even if it was only for a day!!

Me gettin' in some Porter time!


Golden is exactly the same! I can't believe he is a dad!!

My Dad and Porter! Soo cute!!