The Rasmussen Family

Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend in Moab!

On fathers day weekend we took a trip to Moab with Brandon and Amber . I had never been there and had heard how fun it is. We went on a river rafting trip the first day there and had a blast. It wasn't the best weather for river rafting, I think it was about 80 degrees, but there was no sun out and it happened to rain on us which made it freezing for a while on the raft. Our raft was known as the pirate raft because we would get into water battles with all the other boats and we would destroy them. We had an awesome guide who wasn't afraid to get into the battles with us. The water in the river was sooo cold, I think it was 58 degrees, so I wasn't getting in! Of course, Cody and Brandon wanted to test the waters and jumped in a few times. They didn't stay in too long though. We hit a few good rapids but mostly it was pretty calm. Next time I want to try a different part of the river that is more wild. I didn't get any pictures from the rafting because my camera is broken at the moment, but I did get some from the next day and our hike up to the delicate arch! Enjoy! The arch is amazing! We had so much fun hanging out and getting a break from the kids!

This is a picture of Cody and Brandon in front of some ancient drawings! Pretty cool!

Oh my was about a mile and a half hike up to the delicate arch. This stretch was a killer! pretty much straight up the mountain. I have height issues and was sort of freaked out!

Here is me looking down over a ledge right before we come around the corner to the arch! I was pretty nervous. Cody kept getting really close to the edge to make me crazy!

My cute hubby relaxing after the hike up!

Brandon and Amber up at the arch!

Cody and me at the arch. This is pretty much where I stayed, I was too chicken to walk right up to the arch.

Brandon pretending to fall off the ledge! Goofball!

Brandon at the arch!

Cody had to go exploring by the arch! Too scary for me!

Cody down under the arch! sooo cool!

This a random picture of Cameron after I got his haircut! He is my sweetheart!