The Rasmussen Family

Monday, December 14, 2009

Hi all!!!

Wow!! Has it really been that long since I have posted! I am a major slacker. Things are going very well for our family. We had a very busy summer with all the kids and their activities. We took the kids to Yellowstone for the first time and the kids loved it! They are still talking about all the cool things they were able to see. Among them were many buffalo, elk, a bald eagle, Miranda said she saw a wolf but I highly doubt that. On our last day there we were sad that we hadn't encountered a bear yet, and towards the end of the day as we were driving, to our surprise there one was, walking down the side of a hill. We were able to pull over, as did everyone else and get some great pictures of the black bear. We also had 2 kids in soccer this summer, 4 in swimming and 1 in karate. So needless to say my week was always full . We spent this past thanksgiving with Cody's family and had a wonderful time. I am grateful for my wonderful sisters and brothers on Cody's side and also for my in laws who have always been so great to us. I love that my family is also here nearby so I can visit and see them often.I am very grateful for this Christmas season and all the many blessings that fill my life. I am grateful for my wonderful husband who works so hard to provide for us and for the blessing of good employment. My kids are growing up so fast and they each have their own cute, sweet personalities. They are the joy in my life! Here are some recent pics of the kids! Enjoy!

Cameron getting some mommy love

Jacob and Miranda

Miranda loves taking pictures

All my cute, crazy kids!

My oldest!

Soo Serious Jacob!

My little Diva!

There is some angel in her.

What a doll! Sweet Alyssa!

Brendan my little goofball

Brendan crackin up! Always happy! baby

Cute boy!