The Rasmussen Family

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Still run down!!

So, my kids started school last week and I have been loving it!! But isnt it supposed to get easier for me just to have 3 little ones at home now? Apparently not!! I am still going crazy here at home. What do you do when your 2 year old is constantly screaming and chasing after you? He always wants something!! If it is not a snack, then it is a toy, or he doesnt want me to leave the room, or someone is bugging him, ect. Ahhhh!! Sometimes I just want to hide in my bedroom. But if I do that it is usually while my 1 year old is napping and then my two year old bangs on my door and kicks it and wakes the baby up. The good thing is that my 1 year old is completely weaned now and not so dependant and my 4 year old starts preschool next week. That will give me some more one on one time with my 2 year old and maybe he wont be such a terror if he gets more attention.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Ahhhh! I feel rejuvinated! Today was the first day back to the gym for me for a long time and let me tell felt soo good!! I did some cardio and then some weights. It felt good to get back in the swing of things. I didnt even get too tired doing the cardio. I thought my body would feel like it was going to die, but not so, it just feels better. We will see tomorrow if I am really sore. Hopefully this will become a new daily routine and I wont wimp out!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Virgin blogger

Yep that is me! I have never done this before so bare with me. I figured I needed a place where I could share my thoughts and vent out my frustrations. Summer is almost over and my kids are going crazy being home all the time. They go back to school next wednesday! Yes!!!! I will have two kids in all day school!! What will I do with myself!! I know that sounds crazy but I am excited to just have 3 at home. Then maybe I can focus some on me and getting some ME time. Today is just going to be one of those days of constant running after the kids and trying to keep the house clean. I might take the kids to the park...who knows.