The Rasmussen Family

Monday, December 29, 2008

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Holy Crap we got ALOT of snow!!! I think probably about a foot and a half. The kids loved it!


We had a wonderful Christmas this year as a family. I am still recovering from the parties and late nights without sleep. Christmas eve we went to my mom and dads house and had dinner and exchanged gifts and just enjoyed each others company. Everyone from my side of the family was there so it was nice to see family and the kids loved playing with the cousins. Because of the big snowstorm on Christmas day, we just lounged around and watched movies with the kids and they were entertained by their gifts that they didn't care too much about being stuck inside. We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

For Cameron, it was all about Wall-E. The kid is obsessed!
Miranda and Alyssa enjoying their art sets

Brendan Jamming out on his new keyboard

Jacob giving big smiles! He was happy with his Pokemon cards and his new computer.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Check out my kids dance moves!

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fun at Grandma and Grandpas!

On Thanksgiving weekend, we were in Logan and wanted to spend some time at Cody's parents. The kids just love it there because they have so many cool toys! Here is one of them: The Rhino!

Cody has Cameron on his lap and Brendan in the seat beside him.

Cody actually let Cameron steer for a while! Very cute!

Brendan loves going for rides!

Here is another cool toy! The girls love to ride Buttercup!

Cameron, Alyssa and Brendan swinging!


I thought I would post some pictures from Thanksgiving. This year we spent thanksgiving in logan with my side of the family. My mom and dad hosted it at their house. All of my siblings and their families who lived close by came. We had lots of fun just spending time with each other and of course the food was delicious. That night all the girls decided we wanted to go see twilight. I had already seen it and so had some of the others, but my mom was interested because of all the hype so we convinced her to go with us. My dad was funny, he didn't want to be left out, so he went with us too. We had soo much fun! My dad actually enjoyed it too. I think it was the company! Here are some pics!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Random pics of the kids

Here are some cute pics of the kids my sister in law Adelle took! Thanks Adelle!






Can I just say that I am so glad that I went and saw this movie! I absolutely loved it! I mean, yes there were a few parts that were cheesy, but all in all it was great! I thought they did a wonderful job following the book and most of the characters were exactly what I pictured in my mind. And yes Edward was quite yummy!! I ended up going to one of the late shows on Friday night with my sister in laws and there was a mob of people there. We had so much fun together laughing and sharing our appreciation for a good book and flick! If you haven't seen it yet, go!! It might not be as great as the book, but not many movies are and this one comes pretty close!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jungle Jims

Saturday we went to Jungle Jim's Playland for my niece, Brenna's birthday. We had a lot of fun. The kids enjoyed all the rides and just being there with all their cousins! Here are some pics from our day!

Happy Birthday Brenna! Brenna and Miranda!
Miranda is always pulling faces!

Cody with Cameron and Brendan. Daddy had to have some fun too!

Cameron loved the merry-go-round

Cute Alyssa!

Waiting for a turn on the jeeps! Jacob, Cameron, Brendan and Alyssa.

Miranda and Cameron in the airplanes!

Jacob and cousin Madison! Cheese!

Alyssa and cousin Faith!

Mom, Cameron and Faith on the roller coaster! This little thing was really fast!

Cameron loved driving the jeep!

Snow Buddies!

A couple weekends ago when it snowed the boys were dying to get out and play in it before it melted the next day. Even if it was only for a little while, they had a blast together! Just a little note about this picture, I really do have better snow gear for the boys. When we were getting the house ready to sell, we packed up a lot of stuff, including all of their winter gear. This is all I could find last minute! Funny!

Cameron and Brendan

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

We had a busy week with pumpkin carving and the annual Halloween carnival at the kids school, which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.The kids had soo much fun this year for Halloween. All the kids were finally at the age where they could really enjoy themselves. I think this year we went trick or treating for the longest time. No one whined or complained the whole time. Even the little ones loved it. My feet were hurting at the end of the night from all the walking. We had to drag the kids home. Every year we go to my sister in laws house for her annual Halloween party. Also all the cousins love to trick or treat together. There is always a variety of yummy soups and treats to enjoy. I brought my chowder and that was a hit as usual. Everyone wanted the recipe. They always have activities for the kids to enjoy as well. This year they had a giant screen set up outside with a projector and speakers and Rockband going. Everyone was entertained by that alone! All in all it was a very fun night. The kids brought home so much candy! Cameron is going crazy over the candy!

My cute trick or treaters!!
We had the little ones handing out candy at the door so we could party! Cameron, Brendan, and Faith had fun being the candy givers for a while. The lightsavers were cool too!

Cameron my little dragon!

Miranda my renaissance princess

Brendan was some sort of ninja

Alyssa was the cutest witch

I thought Jacob made a great Harry Potter! Although I wanted his hair to be brown and it turned out more red!

Jacob with his cousins Madison, and Brenna

Had to get this cute picture of Cameron running to the door for some candy! He was soo cute to watch!

The gang before trick or treating!

Miranda, Alyssa and Brendan enjoying some soup!!