The Rasmussen Family

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Still run down!!

So, my kids started school last week and I have been loving it!! But isnt it supposed to get easier for me just to have 3 little ones at home now? Apparently not!! I am still going crazy here at home. What do you do when your 2 year old is constantly screaming and chasing after you? He always wants something!! If it is not a snack, then it is a toy, or he doesnt want me to leave the room, or someone is bugging him, ect. Ahhhh!! Sometimes I just want to hide in my bedroom. But if I do that it is usually while my 1 year old is napping and then my two year old bangs on my door and kicks it and wakes the baby up. The good thing is that my 1 year old is completely weaned now and not so dependant and my 4 year old starts preschool next week. That will give me some more one on one time with my 2 year old and maybe he wont be such a terror if he gets more attention.