The Rasmussen Family

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Potty Training Success!!

So anyways, it has been my experience that boys are supposed to be harder to potty train then girls. At least that is what I have heard from other moms and I had the hardest time with my oldest. That is not the case with my almost 3 year old little man, Brendan. I started potty training him on Monday and he has pretty much mastered it. He hasnt had an accident since. I thought he would be my hardest on to train because he is soo stubborn. He had a couple of pee accidents right when I started but that was becuase he had never gone on the potty before. Once he went on the potty it has been ancient history. He is awesome! He goes on his own without me having to remind him. So I was waiting for him to have to go number two and thinking he will probably go in his underwear becuase that is how it always goes in the beginning. Last night at around 8pm he came running in to me and yelling," Mommy, I went poop in the potty!" He was soo excited and soo was I!! I was dreading having to clean out poopy underwear!! Right then and there I dropped what I was doing and took him to the store to pick out a toy and his own special underwear!! It has never been so easy for me! I think I deserve it after training 3 other kids before him!! Wish me luck that it all goes smoothly! I love having only one kid in diapers!!


Wendy said...

That's great Amy!! I'm working with Thomas right now to get him potty trained, but in between nursing a baby and trying to get him there --- I'm the one who slacks. He goes in the potty I just need to get him there before he goes, and sometimes he doesn't tell me. So good for you!!