The Rasmussen Family

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

We had a busy week with pumpkin carving and the annual Halloween carnival at the kids school, which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.The kids had soo much fun this year for Halloween. All the kids were finally at the age where they could really enjoy themselves. I think this year we went trick or treating for the longest time. No one whined or complained the whole time. Even the little ones loved it. My feet were hurting at the end of the night from all the walking. We had to drag the kids home. Every year we go to my sister in laws house for her annual Halloween party. Also all the cousins love to trick or treat together. There is always a variety of yummy soups and treats to enjoy. I brought my chowder and that was a hit as usual. Everyone wanted the recipe. They always have activities for the kids to enjoy as well. This year they had a giant screen set up outside with a projector and speakers and Rockband going. Everyone was entertained by that alone! All in all it was a very fun night. The kids brought home so much candy! Cameron is going crazy over the candy!

My cute trick or treaters!!
We had the little ones handing out candy at the door so we could party! Cameron, Brendan, and Faith had fun being the candy givers for a while. The lightsavers were cool too!

Cameron my little dragon!

Miranda my renaissance princess

Brendan was some sort of ninja

Alyssa was the cutest witch

I thought Jacob made a great Harry Potter! Although I wanted his hair to be brown and it turned out more red!

Jacob with his cousins Madison, and Brenna

Had to get this cute picture of Cameron running to the door for some candy! He was soo cute to watch!

The gang before trick or treating!

Miranda, Alyssa and Brendan enjoying some soup!!


Carl and Mel said...

Your kids look so cute in their costumes, You are lucky they all did well. Mine did too actually!!

Matt & April Herman said...

I love the costums! I wish Bailey could trick or treat with you guys! Fun! Ok, That picture of Brendan in his costum looks so funny! I miss your kids:(

Wizzard MoM said...

Amy your kids look so cute. And Jacob looks like a great Harry Potter.

The Merz said...

Amy your blog is awesome! I'll have to get some tips. Cute Halloween pictures. Looks like everyone had a really good time.