The Rasmussen Family

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Funny, Cute Kids! Fun Places to Hide!

Cameron loves to play hide and seek!! Kids find the funniest places to hide. Cameron is really good at this game! Look where I found him finally!! Sooo cute!! He loves to play in there now all the time!

So, the kids thought that playing in the dryer might be a fun idea! What do you think? I think it could be. They seem to be having fun! This is Alyssa, Brendan and Cameron. I found them in the dryer after I was done folding clothes. Funny!


Melanie Whiting said...

I am paranoid! A dryer and cooler! They could suffocate couldn't they? That is what I grew up knowing. I keep my coolers up high and drill my kids that they are not allowed in the dryer. Am I not in the know? Your a way funner mom than me :)

Amy said...

your probably right Mel!! That cooler is pretty safe, it doesnt close very tight and he did that in front of me, but the dryer does freak me out! But when I found them in there all together like that...I had to laugh! Maybe I am too relaxed!:)