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Monday, March 3, 2008

10 Years Baby!!

Feb.28,1998-wedding day

Engagement picture


How cute are we? Feb. 1998 two days before we got married!

right before we got engaged...DC pics Dec. 1997

When we first met outside his apartment at ricks. august 1997

Christmas ball-Ricks college
Random pics of cody and I:

This was taken from our balcony. Awesome view!

Here is me snowshoeing!

Johnsons Mill-Our room was the top right with the balcony....gorgeous!

This past weekend was Cody and I's 10 year Anniversary!! Can you believe it? I still am amazed that it has been that long. Looking back I cant believe all the things we have accomplished and experienced together. We had an amazing weekend! Friday afternoon we dropped the kids off at my sister in laws and headed to Midway, Ut. We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast called Johnsons Mill. It was gorgeous up there! We had a room with a beautiful view of the mountains and there was a waterfall right outside our window. This place is located on like 15 acres of land so there was wildlife right around the corner....I mean right one point cody and I were leaving for dinner and there were 5 deer right next to our car. We just stood there in awe....watching because they were that close to us. It took like 10 minutes for them all to move before we could get in the car. We ate at a nice restaurant called the snake creek grill for dinner. The food was delicious! The next morning we woke up and decided to go snowshoeing. We wanted to get a closer look at some of the wildlife. That was really fun. After our stay at Johnsons Mill we went to Park city and did some shopping which I enjoyed and cody was a good sport to let me drag him from store to store. We ended the night with some more shopping in salt lake and then a nice dinner. All in all it was a wonderful weekend and a much needed rest from the craziness that is our life.

Here are some fun facts about us: We met at ricks college in the fall of 1997, I can still remember the first time we met in his apartment. I was immediately attracted and drawn to him. Must have been his cute smile and the way he carried himself. We were inseparable since that day. I fell in love with his charm and his love of life. I am also a sucker for a guy with a beautiful voice. And wow....he has an amazing voice. It just melts you. He also plays the piano beautifully. So many times when we were dating I would just sit and listen to him play. I could do that forever! He would write me beautiful poems just out of the blue. He would ditch class and come be with me whenever I was feeling down or sick. I loved his spiritual side. He was very family oriented and wanted a big family. So those are some things that made me fall in love with him back then. Another thing that I love so much about him is that he makes me feel beautiful. He makes a point to tell me every day how beautiful I am and how lucky he is to have me. Anyways I could go on and on about how wonderful he is but that would take forever! I love you baby! I couldn't have asked for more in our first 10 years.....cant wait for the next!!


Melanie Whiting said...

10 YEARS!! I love it. I can't believe you are only one year behind me. I loved all the pics. It is so fun to see past photos. That hotel sounded awesome. I need to go there! Happy Anniversary! You shared it with me :)

jera333 said...

I loved the photos of you and Cody at Ricks College. I had never seen those and they were so cute. Happy Anniversary!

jera333 said...

I loved the photos of you and Cody at Ricks College. I had never seen those and they were so cute. Happy Anniversary!

~W E N D Y ~ said...

10 YEARS!! And to think I was there when it all started!! I think I'm the reason it started in the first place :) -- I believe that I remember you were a bit of a "chicken" to go and see him. LOL -- Boy those old pictures were a nice trip down memory lane!! Happy Anniversary AMY & CODY --- Chris and I will be there in a few more months.

the stephensons said...

okay reading your blog reminds me of ps i love you! i can feel the love cody has for you:) anyway amy iam glad i have you here in utah! im glad we have become close sisters and i feel i can be my silly self.