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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rough Week for my Brendan

So we knew the day would come....that one of our kids would eventually have a broken bone or get stitches. We always thought it would be Miranda because of how wild and crazy she is. Well she made it past those few years with a couple close calls but never had anything serious happen to her. Then along came Brendan. He is a very active little boy with no fear. We thought he would be the one to do it to us. He has had a rough couple of weeks. He was really sick with a fever, then he had a ruptured ear last week. Well today he was chasing the dog through the house and he tripped and fell and hit his head on Miranda's metal day bed. He came running out screaming and I knew by the sound of his scream that it wasn't just a little bump. Split wide open!! So I tried to stay calm and get the bleeding under control. Head wounds are really annoying because they can bleed forever! Brendan wasn't making it easy. He kept running away from me and wouldn't let me touch it. So I headed off to the instacare. I called my sister in law to see if she could take my kids while I went and she told me they would stitch him up there, otherwise I would have went to the emergency room. The doctors cleaned out the cut and said that it was deep enough that it went down to the bone, but that it didn't hit the bone. It was a nice clean, cut that would heal nicely. Brendan was such a trooper while they worked on him. He layed really still the whole time and only let out a little whimper when they were numbing him with needles. The doctors said that they had never had a 3 year old lay that still for them before. I was impressed! He ended up getting about 5 stitches inside the wound but just needed durabond on the outside. Since Brendan was such a good boy I took him for ice cream after. So that was my fun day..hopefully I don't have any more of those days for a while.

Look at that gash!! Poor thing!!

This was after he was fixed up.


James and Heather English said...

You know you are a true blogger when you have to get a picture of the open wound and then a picture of the finished product!! haha Poor little guy, a burst eardrum and then stitches? What a week for him! We hope you get better soon Brenden!
p.s. we need to somehow get April to read Twilight. I know she will love it!!

Nicole said...

Ouch! Your little guy is a trooper. I am always afraid of my boys doing the same thing. Way to go, Blogger Mom you got a picture and everything!