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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Alyssa's Preschool Graduation

Last Friday, my baby girl graduated from Preschool. She had a wonderful time in her preschool class. I was a little worried because she is super shy and sensitive to everything so I didn't know how she would do. Her teacher said that although she is shy, she opened right up and did a great job all year. Alyssa loved her teacher Miss Barbara. Miss Barbara said that Alyssa was a joy to have in class and she will miss her. I asked Alyssa what her favorite part of preschool was and she said learning her letters and going on field trips especially the field trip they took to the fire station. She loved that! Its funny because I don't think she quite understands the concept of time yet. Every day she keeps asking me when she gets to go to Kindergarten and I keep telling her she has to wait a couple of months. She still asks me the same question every day though. I guess she is excited. I am so glad she had a chance to attend Miss Barbaras preschool, she had a blast! I can't believe she will be in Kindergarten soon!

This is Alyssa after her graduation!!
Cameron, Alyssa and Brendan so excited after graduation

Alyssa with her classmates at graduation. I think that might be her boyfriend she is sitting next to. She told me she had a few(Haha).

This is Alyssas class. They had the graduation at the local library. It was so cute to here the songs they learned this year and hear about everything they did together!


~W E N D Y ~ said...

How fun!! Brendan sure looks like a little CODY!!! Okay, well, I think he does. I was also worried about Heidi because she is a shy kid, and her kinder teacher was just the right person to get her past it. It's amazing what the right teacher can do for our children.

Marsha said...

Sweet beautiful kids, as usual! Congratulations to Alyssa. I can't believe she's that big!