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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summertime! Summertime!!

I love summertime! I love the weather, the flowers, the fun trips we can take. I love everything about it! My kids last day of school is tomorrow, but it has already been summer here. I signed my 3 older kids up for swimming lessons that start this coming Monday, so that should be fun. I have also been taking the kids to the park regularly. They love it! Yesterday my kids played in the sprinkler all day and loved it! Here are some pics:

My buddy Brendan! He loved to be right in the sprinklers!

Alyssa!! Cute girl!

Miranda! She is crazy!! Ha Ha!

My cute girls!! Yes....I know my lawn needs help!!

Cameron did not want me to take his picture! He would yell "NO!" at me every time I tried to! He was scared of the sprinklers...bummer.

I sort of got him looking this time, but he wasn't happy! Cute boy!!


Melanie Whiting said...

Fun times! Gotta love Summertime. Your trip sounded fun! I was tired just thinking about you driving across country. I am so sad for April, glad you could comfort one another and be there for her. :(((((

Also wanted to let you know we are having the Stephenson Retreat (Girl's only ) in Park City Sept. 4 (Thurs) through the 6th (Sat) it is 38 dollars per person (total) for both nights. Anyways it's way fun. Lot's of shopping and talking. Hope you can make it!

Amy said...

Thanks Mel!! I would love to come! I will have to see though! Thanks for letting me know. I usually dont know in time and then I find out about it later! Sounds way fun~

Ashlyn Stephenson said...

Amy, I love your blog! Your kids are so cute! I want to pick up little Cameron, adorable! Love, love, love summertime. Time to relax and enjoy each other.

Nicole said...

Amy!! Your lawn!!! Just kidding. Your kids are so cute. I think summer time is great for water and sun! Who can't have fun when those two things are present? Enjoy your summer fun.