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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tons of summer fun!!!

Sorry I have been MIA for a while but I have been crazy busy with all the summer activities going on, swim lessons 3 times a week. Let me catch you all up on what we have been doing. First of all, last month I reached a milestone....yes....I turned 30 years old!!! EEEEEk!! No, really it isn't that bad. I thought that it would be and I was a little freaked out at first, but then I thought about all that I have accomplished in those 30 years. I have a beautiful family and a wonderful life...oh...and I look good for 30!!! Haha! I had a wonderful birthday.

On July 2, Jacob celebrated his 9th birthday! I cannot believe that I have a 9 year old. Blows my mind. Jacob is such a sweet boy and a joy to have in our lives. He is very smart and loves to play video games and play with his friends. He also loves to swim and play soccer.

Jacob wanted to have his Birthday dinner at Golden Corral. Who doesn't love Golden Corral? All you can eat food and desserts? Of course we said yes and we all had a wonderful time. We actually decided to go to Logan the weekend of my birthday and Jacobs birthday which are a couple days apart. Jacob loved the idea because we could spend some time at both grandparents houses now.

Cameron was loving the ice cream at Golden Corral

Miranda is such a goof!!

Brendan loves to eat anything!!

My mom and dad joined us for dinner that night

After dinner, we took the kids to Willow Park in Logan. Our kids LOVE Willow Park. It is so great! If anyone hasn't been to willow park with their kids, you should definitely go. It is like a small zoo. There are animals to see, ducks to feed, all sorts of birds to look at and there is a wonderful playground to play on after that is well shaded. The kids had a blast!

Cameron is obsessed with slides!!

Brendan decides to be brave and go down the big slide! He has noo fear!!

I love this picture! My dad is pushing Alyssa on the swing! Doesn't that look like pure joy?! I think it is funny too!

Miranda stopping to give my a big cheesy grin!!

Miranda and Jacob having a great time!

Cute Cam!! We absolutely love this boy!!

One day while we were in Logan, we went to Codys parents house and they made Jacob a cake for his birthday. We had fun there trying out Jacobs new remote control Hummer that he got for his birthday. I had a picture of that but I deleted it accidentally.

Blowing out the candles!!

While we were in Logan we decided to visit Codys grandma Garnet. This year she turned 97 years old. We don't get down to see her much so it was nice to be able to do that. And the kids just adore her. She is super sweet and fun to talk to. We love her!

The weekend of the 4th of July was very fun for us as well. We were planning on having a BBQ and fireworks at my sister in laws house with family, but she called me that day and asked if we could do it at my house. My brother in law had just had surgery and wasn't as recovered as he thought he would be. So the party was moved to our house and it all worked out and was a success and we all had a blast. We BBQed yummy burgers and hot dogs and enjoyed the company and the fireworks. We like to do fireworks with our neighbors because they have good ones and the kids enjoy it. Cody would let the kids take turns lighting some and that was a little scary to watch. Cameron was a little frightened of the noise so he just clung to me the whole night.
Saturday, July 5, we thought it might be fun to take all the kids to lagoon. Jacob has been dying to go to lagoon for soo long so we thought we would do it as part of his birthday present. Codys brother joined us as well as his sister and her kids. The kids had soo much fun!! They were all just about the right height where they could pretty much ride what they wanted. And Cameron was such a trooper....he just sat in his stroller the whole day and as long as he had water he was happy! We took him on a few rides and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Because we had other adults with us we were able enjoy some adult rides. I loved "Wicked"!! I went on that one by myself while Cody stayed with the kids and watched. I also loved Rattlesnake Rapids. That was fun for all of us! The kids were laughing sooo hard on that ride because we were all drenched at the end. We did have a few scary moments while we were there. At one point in the day we took all the kids to the water park "Laguna Beach". There were tons of people there and little water places everywhere. As you can imagine, with five little kids it is hard to keep a constant eye on every one of them. I had Cameron in my arms and the other kids and Cody had Brendan(my 3 year old) with him. Well Cody turned his back for a couple seconds and Brendan was gone. He is our wanderer. We looked everywhere and couldn't see him. My heart about stopped at that point. Cody ran and alerted the lifeguards and went off looking for him. It was about a good ten minutes before I spotted him walking around in the distance. I handed Cameron to my sister in law and had her stay with the other kids while I ran and got him. The first thing he said to me when he saw me was, " Mommy you were lost." I was like "ummm I think you have it backwards". I was sooo mad at him at that moment that he had wandered off, but was thanking the Lord at the same time that he was safe and we had found him ok.
After that little incident we were constantly paranoid and counting heads the rest of the night. So needless to say even though we had a wonderful time and the kids loved it and are still talking about how much fun it was, I don't know if we will be doing that again anytime soon, at least with all five kids.

I forgot to bring my camera to Lagoon so my brother in law took a bunch of pics, but I haven't gotten them from him yet. Here is a cute one of Cameron!

On July 12, we had our annual Rasmussen reunion that we do with just the immediate family on Codys side. We had a fun day. We had dinner together at the park, played games, volleyball and had a talent show. Then we went and saw a dinosaur movie at the IMAX theater in Lehi at Thanksgiving point. Here is a picture of all but 5 of the grand kids on the Rasmussen side. There are 4 of mine on the far left. (Brendan, Cameron, Alyssa and Miranda)

Sunday, July 13 my mom had a birthday party for my dad in Logan. He turned 61 on July 15th. We had a great time. All my brothers and sisters came who live out west along with some of my aunts and uncles. We reminisced about old times, looked at old photos and told funny stories. I love you dad!!

This last week my sister April and her family drove out here from Denver and stayed a few days with us. One night we had a girls night with April, my mom, and my cousin Heather. We ate dinner at Cafe Rio(Yum!) and saw the movie Baby Mama. Very funny!! Good times! We also took the kids swimming all day the next day at my sister in laws Suzanne's community pool. The kids loved it! That night, everyone came over to my house to watch the All-Star game. My mom and dad and April and Matt and Suzanne came to enjoy the game. That was the longest game ever!! But it was soo exciting to watch! Here is a picture of Matt and Bailey. She was soo cute, she would get out this toy laptop and sit next to matt with his and say "Daddy I,m checking my email! Haha. She is soo stinking cute!!

Bailey Kaye giving my a cheeser smile!!

This past weekend we had the Cramer Family Reunion on my moms side. I love my Grandma and Grandpa Cramer. They are the sweetest people I know. We had alot of fun talking and enjoying every ones company. We started out eating lunch together at a pavilion in a park then we ended the day with swimming.

This is the place we went swimming. It is in Layton and it was really fun. It was basically a big wave pool. The kids had a blast and I loved it too because for me it was easy to keep track of the kids. I had Cameron and Brendan on a tube and the girls on another and Jacob on his own. The kids could have stayed there all day. They loved going over the waves in their tubes. I had a good workout too. But the day had to end and we were all fried and exhausted at the end of the day.
Thanks to whoever made it to the end of this post, I know it was never-ending!!


Ginabear said...

Amy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you hate me?? I thought I was with you at the GNO. Was I invisible?? I am totally crying right now!!

Carl and Mel said...

Wow reading your post made me tired!!! You have done so many activities! What happened to our lunch? J/K Your kids are so cute, it was fun to see Cam what a doll!

Amy said...

Gina.....dont be gay!!! I knew I forgot someone!!! I have had a migraine today soooo sorry!! You know I love you!!!

stephenson's saga said...

lots of fun hangin with you! bring the kids my way anytime to my pool.

Matt & April Herman said...

yes beggar! I had a blast too:) I wish i lived out there so i could hang with you guys all the time:)

~W E N D Y ~ said...

Sounds like you've been plenty busy!! And no, 30 isn't bad at all. and YES you do look good for being 30!! Way to go. Glad to see you posted again. I get to go see Sarah on Saturday!! I'm so excited. Glad to hear that the incident with B, wasn't bad at all. But it can be freaky.