The Rasmussen Family

Monday, October 27, 2008

First Time Daddy

So you would think that a first time daddy wouldn't pull crazy stunts with their first borns. For those of you who dont know...there is a classic dad hold where you are able to hold a baby in one hand and they will just instinctively stand there. I don't remember my husband doing anything like this with any of my babies. I'm sure I would freak out!! This is my youngest brother Golden with his first born Porter. He is just 5 months! Check out the cute leg warmers!!


alesa said...

We could do this with Savannah. She was so stiff, she could stand forever. The only time I nervous was when my brother tried it and about dropped her. Oh well she survived.

Fisher Family said...

Cute video Amy. This pose screams Golden. I want some orange leg warmers like that too.