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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fun Day At The Park!

Since the kids were off of school for fall recess, my sister in laws and I decided to get together at the park and have lunch and let the kids play together. The cousins have soo much fun playing together. Thanks Ren, Malia, Madison, Brenna, Chase and baby Ryder for playing with us!! Thumbs up for the wonderful weather we had these past few days. It was gorgeous outside!! Here are some cute pics from the day.

Wheres Cameron? There he is!! I just noticed he has a chicken nugget in his hand...that is kind of gross!!
The kids could not stay out of the sandbox!!

Say cheese Cameron!! Is that the same chicken nugget? Gross!! I had noo idea!!

These two are inseparable!! Alyssa and Chase!

Soooo Big!! Cameron is pretty independent..doesn't need moms help much anymore.

Cute baby Ryder! Believe it or not he is barely 5 months old! Big boy!!

Miranda getting some love from a nearby dog. We made sure he was nice first!

The 3 musketeers! They are now too grown up to be around the other kids. They are all only months apart. Ren, Jacob and Madison.

Awww...brothers stick together! Cameron and Brendan are buds!

Are you taking my picture? He has sand up his nose I think! haha!


suzy's jewels and gem said...

cute pics of the kids!

Matt & April Herman said...

Aww...I miss you guys! I want to play at the park:( I think you should have one more, then you will have an even 6:):)

Freaky Wizzard MoM said...

Guess what???

I tagged you on my blog, now you have something to write about. Have fun.

By the way looks like you had a fun day. I love the fact that it has been really warm. AND that nugget??? Come on AMY!! I thought you knew what you were doing by now. JK