The Rasmussen Family

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Brendan!!

Brendan turned 4 years old on Oct. 23rd. I can hardly believe it! Seems like just yesterday that we brought this tough little guy home. Brendan is such a funny kid. He is sweet, independent, funny, very cute, sometimes a tease, hard-headed at times, active, smart and a joy to have around. He loves to play soccer and baseball. Brendan says the funniest things all the time too. I really need to start writing down some of the things he says. Happy birthday to my little big man!! We love you!

Random pics of my Brendan:

Brendan Tyler Rasmussen
7 lbs. 10 ozs. 18 in. long

Happy Brendan-6 months old

Sweet Brendan- 1 year old

Brendan-18 months old-check out those eyes! Dreamy!

Brendan-2 years old

Brendan is a character! 3 years old!

Happy Birthday little buddy!!


Wizzard MoM said...

That last picture sure resembles you. I can't believe they are already turning 4!!! Thomas has just a few months and he'll be 4 too!!

wangie77 said...

Cute! They grow up too darn fast!

suzy's jewels and gem said...

I just love this boy!!!! He definetly has the stephenson genes!!!! Cute pic of jumpin jacks... sorry we missed out on the fun. Lets plan a must needed Gno night soon. Call Mom and see when she is available and Gina.

Frank, Heidi and Family said...

What a nice tribute. I need to get in gear and do that when Gavin turns 4- next week!